i bought a Akita puppies on 8list.com and i was told that it was going to be sent all the way to my house from Arkansas to Greenfield WI.It was going to get to my house on the 4/12/11 and that it was going to be arriving at 8am or 11am and it is now 12:52am.First i had paid $250.00 for the dog and when it supposedly arrived to Chicago i got an e-mail that said that i had to pay $240.00 for the insurance and city permit so i paid it and the dog has not arrived i want to know if i can get my money back.i am starting to think that it was all a ripoff and i want to know if i can file a police report aor something that could help me to either get the puppie or the money back because i am not just going to be giving my money for free.

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Rescue a shelter pet. Find an Akita on Petfinder instead of traumatizing a puppy like that.


omg, u got scammed.


First of all you are trying to get some thing for nothing. Think, I paid $400.00 for a puppy 30 years ago.

Don't be so cheap! If it looks to good to be true, it is!

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