Back in Sept.I wanted to insure all 3 of my cats.

The oldest had to have a comprehensive exam so I took her and faxed the paperwork to the company. No one ever called to tell me if I had or didn't have the insurance or not.

So in January my oldest cat go sick and I took her to a specialist thinking I had pet insurance and I didn't, which I found out later when I submitted my claim.Now I cant get my cat insured because these morons dont know how to run a company.

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It is called "following up". It is no ones fault but your own.

Ascot, England, United Kingdom #12697

How *** could you possibly be?Didn't you wonder why you weren't paying any premiums and never received a copy of your policy?

And wouldn't you verify your coverage before going to the vet?You are an ***.

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