Crescent City, California

My experience with VPI has been very stressful and negative. They are confusing, misleading, and find any way possible NOT to pay for legitimate claims.

They completely refused to pay for orthopedic surgery needed after an injury. My dog needed two surgeries, for two different injuries that happened at two different times, but the injuries were diagnosed at the same time by the specialist, so VPI refused to pay for the second surgery. This was a completely legitimate claim, and should absolutely have been covered. It left me holding the bag for $3,000.

I'm furious and disillusioned, and I'm looking for another company to go with. Due to this experience of mine, all three of the Vets that I've been dealing with with my dog, have taken the VPI brochures off their shelves, and are recommending a different company.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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