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We have a basenji who some surgeries in the past. The first time, the claim was paid without a problem.

The second surgery they denied and we had to fight tooth and nail to get paid. The 3rd surgery, which was different (for his eyes) was refused even though ever code was covered under the benefit book. For almost ten years, we have paid $40.00 a month for our dogs insurance; yet when we need to use the policy they refused to pay.

I think that this is close to fraud and plan on reporting VPI to the Better Business Burea and other appropriate agencies. Because our dog has a pre-existing condition, we are stuck with VPI but I would recommend others to find another insurance company

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VIP is a rip off and a scam. Do not use because 75/25% chance they will find some bogus reason not to pay you a dime.


I've had nothing but good luck with VPI. I just submitted $804 worth of claims and received $530 back.

They explain everything in their benefits schedules. In 3 years, we have submitted $3500 in claims and have received over $1800 back, which is well worth it since we would have paid the vet bills regardless. I know they don't pay for everything, but they do allow you to resubmit claims. Our vet has often offered to call them or fax them more info if necessary, but it has yet to be necessary.

It's terrible that you've all had bad luck with them, but nothing, except fot Phenway's umbilical hernia, has been excluded for us.

We have been considering ourselves very lucky to have VPI insurance, especially in the last few months.

Intermittent vomitting, lumps, dermatitis, otitis, etc. My baby has been through the ringer, but it's all been covered by VPI.


Same here. the first was paid and every since then every claim is denied as their reason Full details were not submitted.

We submit all the details from the vet with a detailed report. But they deny then approve so we wait a good 2 months for them to pay.

Nice for them to keep the cash in escrow for another month


Hi, I'm from Australia and I am facing the same issue in that the *** pet insurance PetPlan are failing to pay a claim because they say it's a pre-existing condition even though it's not.



I'm in the middle of a VPI claim tug of war. VPI claims my dog had a pre existing condition and this is plain untrue.

I think VPI is plain lousy period and like many insurance companies will first deny a claim. What ***.

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