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I have had VPI Pet Insurance since April 2009 until 29Jun10 and I would not recommend this Pet Insurance to anyone! I have filed over 5000.00 in claims and have received approximately 300.00 back!

Oh, and don't forget the approx 30.00 monthly fee of payment for this insurance! What kind of insurance is this???? It is a total rip off and I would not recommend this Pet insurance to anyone. Please do not buy this insurance.

If you do think this insurance is good for you, I would seriously reconcider.

Please do not give them your monies! Have a nice day.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I was heartbroken when my English Bulldog puppy lost his eye due to corneal ulcers. Even more so when he lost the second one.

VPI has told me over the phone that I will not be covered for ANY AMOUNT due to the fact that I haven't had my policy for a year. They are a ripoff.

Calling it insurance is a complete misnomer. Don't waste your money.


I agree with all the complaints about VPI they are a total rip-off. Everyone that has VPI needs to cancel their policy.

They never paid not one of my pet claims. We are no longer with VPI.


VPI is a horrible company!! It doesn't matter what you have to spend in vet bills, they have certain codes that only pay pennies on the dollar.

DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY, GO TO ANOTHER PET INSUR COMPANY THAT WILL TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT AND WILL PAYOUT!! I recently had a vet bill of $1200 and all they paid was $300. I'd be better putting my monthly premium of $53.00 into a bank as insurance, rather than depending on this ripoff company's insurance.



We've maintained insurance through VPI on up to 3 pets at a time, for the last decade. Through all of the health ups and downs we've experienced with our dogs, VPI has always impressed me with the speed of their claims processing.

This insurance is not designed to cover every expense and as a consumer, you need to be alert to the benefits offered by the policy. Most recently, a customer service representative walked me through my policy on my older dog and actually determined that I should drop a portion of the policy (saving me money) because my claims experience had not warranted a savings to those benefits.

Other representatives have demonstrated amazing compassion when dealing with end-of-life issues. Overall great experience with these policies!


VPI is a rip off!!! I've paid out $3,437 on vet bills in 2 years plus 2 years of vet insurance with them is $1,200 equaling $4,637 of vet bills and VPI vet insurance only to get reimbursed from VPI $882.00!!!

I am canceling Monday morn!


We had VPI PET insurance for 6 months for our puppy. I agree with many users giving their feedback on VPI PET.

This company in my view does engage in what I would call fraudulent practice. The schema is very simple once you look closely and many former VPI PET customers probably experienced it. VPI PET would automatically cancel policy multiple times (maybe 2-3 times a year), send you formal letter that they "are sorry to lose you", and then apologize and reinstate user. However, they would explain that now users have new minimum deduction (since this is technically new policy).

They would charge you multiple times for this deduction. This trick is used for users with young healthy dogs. As I understand from other users' feedback, for users with older dogs in need of more complex care their approach may be different (e.g. not to pay much, ignore claims, etc).

It is unfortunate that their business model is based on fraud, when it should focus on care for pets and be honest transparent business. I would not recommend them as insurance for your pet.


My name is Loretta Weinstein.My dog Scooter has a heart problem and I had to take him to the vet 3 times in one week. The bill between the medicine and vet totaled $1200.

Vpi pet insurance only paid me $270 because it was under the same code. I feel that is terrible and I will be stopping his coverage.


I applied for VPI insurance noting I would pay for the two procedures my dogs needed (to the tune of $10k). They denied coverage COMPLETELY, meaning even though I was PAYING $10k for the operations (knee and hip surgery) that would right all wrongs, they STILL wouldn't insure them.

They are no better than a human company. They want everyone to be young and in perfect health.


I agree with Mrthrower.....I had the superior plan on my Shih Tzu, who sustained a torn cornea eye injury from a fight with a bigger dog. The vet bill was $1900 and VPI paid only $455....cancelled the *** police

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