I have a golden retriever 12 years old and I got her insurance in 2009, thinking about her age and further problems. Unfortunately my experience with this company has been awful.

Last April 13th my dog got very sick and I had to take her to emergency. She needed two surgeries (pyometra and bladder stone), few transfusions, 3 days hospitalized and a huge list of medicines and tests. The bill obviously was huge too, $9120. I filed the claim with the insurance right away, 2 weeks later they ask for more documentation which I sent the next day and just now, checking their web page I found out that they are going to pay me $2716.20.

Not even 50% of the total.

If you are thinking about pet insurance, look for another company, faster and better benefits. Totally disappointed and not grateful at all.

Monetary Loss: $5500.

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