We have 2 dogs both with injuries as puppies do. Have had my lab mix since he wsa 8 weeks old and have had VPI for about 10 months now.

We had sent in one claim so far for fecal test, heart worm medicine and flea medication. Of the 200$ bill we received a whopping 92$ back. I figured ok, at least I got something. Then in November my dog's knee cap pops out of place.

300$ vet bill for xrays, vet visit and pain medication after popping it back into place. They will not cover a penny of this because it a luxation of the patellar and they only cover that once you have had the policy for over a year. (Fine print) We rescued our other puppy from Animal Control in November as well. He was 10 months old as well.

We immediately put him on our pet insurance bringing out monthly payment to a 100$. After we noticed our new dog limping we took him to the vet. He had a 7 month old fracture (which we believe is the reason he was taken to Animal Control to begin with) and either needed surgery or an amputation. Of course VPI does not cover that.

More money out of pocket. We got our first pup fixed and because we have a 250$ deductible as do most of the policies, even that did not get reimbursed to us. We spent 600$ for insurance just for our one dog. We recieved 92$ back.

Not including all of the vet bills they didnt cover. So 600$ a year plus 250$ deductible. You have to pay 850$ a year before you get ANY money back.

Let alone actually help with the cost. It is much better to set some money aside each month to save for possible injuries than to spend upwards of 1000$ a year when they wont cover most injuries anyway.

Review about: Veterinary Pet Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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